Wednesday, 28 October 2009

madness,mayhem and a loud scratching noise.

First of all i would like to start by saying sorry for not writing in ages. A lot has happened in the past few months.
First of all the dog i mentioned in the previous blog is now jumping around and fighting with another dog. He started doing this around 6 last night and basically hasn't stopped since. All i can hear is scratching and skidding across my step-dad's living room floor.
I also got braces in September which were incredibly uncomfortable at the time but not so much now. I'm having them tightened on the 5th, which i guess it's good because it means i get to miss a bit of school.
Also on Monday my little sister at my dad's house turned 2 and had a little birthday party. Me and my friend had a great time running around with loads of little kids.
I have a lot of brothers and sisters now, 2 step-brothers,18 and 15, and 2 half-sisters, 2 and 7. I also have a step mum, i guess(my dad and her aren't married but have been together since i was 2), a step-dad, who has split with my mum now.But if you've read my mums blog (sea side stories) then you will know all about it.