Thursday, 11 June 2009

Friends and all sorts!

This week was pretty normal, friend being mean to me, friend being kind to me and friend being especially annoying! Basically my ,so called, friend is very irritating. She will tease any, and every one, if she wants to. I am particularly small for my age. So she thinks its funny to call me small. And if she has sweets, and gives them to another friend, she says ,that I'm sad ,and jealous of her having sweets!

And then there is the other half of her, the half that is kind and sensitive, and makes you feel sorry for her! She will be suddenly ill and off for three days, if maybe me and my friends are ill on one day! She doesn't go any where by her self and yet I still hang around with her.

I guess I must like her if I've hung around with her since year 3, and it's now year 7, nearly 8!


  1. First you are not particularly small for your age! And you know that with people like that you must be yourself and stick up for yourself. Which I know you can do! Let her know what you don't like about her behaviour and why. And if she doesn't change consider not hanging out with her for a while. thats what I think.

  2. I like your way of thinking. I'll do that next time she says any thing about my size. Thank you for the help.

  3. typical behaviour ...we all have encounters with those kind of characters lol
    anyhoooo okay im soo following ur blog mainly coz im 16 too n i havent come across anyone els that young yet
    ps i like ur theme of the whole personal diary kinda thing..prtty cool

  4. thx, you see to be the only one around my age who reads my blog